Weekly MegaCash – Free to earn cash EVERY WEEK, starting from $1,000 and increasing!

In the vibe of the World Cup Celebration and New Year coming, Uquid and continue to bring our beloved users worldwide a series of weekly Free-to-Earn games.

The title says it all. Megacash is an 8-week game series starting from $1000 rewards in the first week, and increasing week by week to the Grand prize of $100,000 on Lunar New Year.

There’s no entry fee to be paid, users will receive a random lucky number by simply logging into any of Uquid’s miniapps on’s Miniapp Center, including Alpha Top up, Gift Cards, Game Cards, Steam Cards Store, Transportation and Uquid Digital Shop from the Campaign page.
Moreover, if you complete an order from any of Uquid’s miniapps, you will receive an extra lucky number to increase winning chance.

**Period: 2022-11-28 10:00 (UTC) to 2023-01-22 23:59 (UTC)**

All you have to do to get a chance of earning a prize is to correctly complete all the steps below.

###How to join:
-Step 1: Login to any Miniapps from Uquid to automatically receive a random lucky number. The more Uquid’s miniapps you login, the bigger chance you have to win FREE prize every week (1st Login to each Miniapp = 1 Lucky number, reset every week)
-Step 2: Still want to increase a chance of winning? Do not worry, we have an extra offer for you. If you complete an order from any of Uquid’s miniapps, you will receive an extra lucky number (Unlimited – 1 completed order = 1 lucky number, you can make multiple orders to increase your chance of winning)
-Step 3: Draw time: Check “My subscription” tab on the campaign page and see if you’ve won BIG PRIZE with drawing EVERY WEEK! Announcement will be made via Email as well.

###Terms and Conditions:
1.This activity is only entitled for registered Users
2.Access the Megacash campaign page to participate in this activity
3.Users will receive a random lucky number upon login into Uquid’s miniapps from the Campaign page. 1 visit = 1 lucky number. Each user is only eligible for 1 lucky number per login per miniapp.
4.Users can complete an order at any Uquid’s Miniapps to get an extra lucky number. 1 completed order = 1 extra lucky number. No limit on lucky number for completed orders.
5.Winner will be announced immediately after the drawing is ended
6.Users go to “My Subscription” on Campaign Page to see the participation history and see if they win the jackpot
7.No limit on the number of drawings you can participate in
8.Gate reserves the right to cancel any Prize(s) awarded to a Winner or any order placed in connection with the Megacash campaign activity where it determines in its sole and absolute discretion that such Participating User/ Winner has breached these Megacash campaign activity rules

*** Prize and number of winner will be announced in the Campaign Page, My Subscription Page and Uquid & Gate social media channels. **

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November 29th, 2022