点击进入 Daily Hodl & Earn USDT #503, up to 1.5% APR Daily HODL & Earn USDT #503 will be launched at 4:00 UTC on Nov. 30th at's “HODL& Earn”. We are planning to lock 5,000,000 USDT in total for a period of 7 days, with an estimated reward of 1.5% P.A
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Below is the schedule of upcoming “Earn Everyday”rounds over the coming 7 days.

Rules of “Lock USDT & Earn”:
1) Locking your USDT for 7 days is required.
2) No handling fee
3) Annualized estimated return is 1.5% P.A
* Interest and principal will be distributed at the end of the lockup term. is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013
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