Trade With New Cross Margin, Share $5,000 in Airdrops Plus FIFA Mystery NFTs

![]( Cross Margin Trading has been fully upgraded!

Are you ready? Now trade with [new cross margin]( "new cross margin"), share your trading experience and choose your supported FIFA team, you will be eligible to share $5,000 in airdrops plus exclusive FIFA World Cup NFTs!

> **Activity Period: Nov 18th 08:00 ~ Dec 4th 07:00 2022 (UTC)**

> **Fill out the form:**

## Reward 1: Share $5,000 in Airdrops

> During the event, trade with our [new cross margin trading]( "new cross margin trading") and [fill out the form ]( "fill out the form ") to share with us your trading experience. With real and valid feedback, you will be eligible to share a $5,000 prize pool.

> Based on the quality of your feedback, up to $50 will be rewarded to you!

## Reward 2: Win Exclusive FIFA World Cup NFTs
> The 2022 FIFA World Cup is coming soon. [Fill out the form]( "Fill out the form") to choose your FIFA team.

> Based on the final ranking of your team, you will have a chance to win up to 3 NFT blind boxes.

> |The Final Ranking|The Distribution of NFT Blind Box|
|Champion|Select 5 lucky users choosing the champion team to distribute 15 blind boxes. 3 blind boxes per user.|
|Runner-up|Select 5 lucky users choosing the runner-up team to distribute 10 blind boxes. 2 blind boxes per user.|
|Other ranking|Select 5 lucky users choosing the remaining teams to distribute 5 blind boxes. 1 blind box per user.|

### Terms and Conditions
1.Duplicate accounts, false accounts, or other cheating and fraudulent activities are prohibited. Once verified, rewards will not be issued; if you use improper methods to get rewards for this event, will have the right to cancel your award qualifications;
2.The airdrop rewards will be distributed within 7 business days after the event ends;
3.The blind box rewards will be distributed within 7 business days after the FIFA World Cup final; reserves the rights of updating and reserves the rights of updating and interpretation.

### How to Enable New Cross Margin Trading
Step 1: Log into Your Account – Go to [New Trading Page]( "New Trading Page") (Transfer Old Version to New Version)
Step 2: Confirm and Enable the New Cross Margin Trading ([Rules of new cross margin trading]( "Rules of new cross margin trading"))

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