Make A Wish and Start Mining: Up to $200,000 Lucky Bonuses Are Waiting for You!

Hello, old and new friends of LM products! We feel so excited to announce that launched a thanksgiving campaign to reward you all for your support for liquidity mining. During the campaign, you can make a wish, start mining, earn rewards to realize your wish, and get a chance to win a lucky bonus! We welcome all of you to experience this event and claim surprise gifts now!Duration
November 17th – November 24th, 10:00 UTC (7 Days in Total)Activity 1: Start Mining & Win a Lucky Bonus of $1000 USDTEST
To join this activity, users need to add liquidity to a pool of choice (no limit to the amount), hold the share for at least 24 hours, and fill in the form. After the activity ends, 50 lucky users will be randomly selected from all eligible participants to receive $1000 USDTEST. Moreover, if the amount of your invested share contains the number "11" or "24", you will have a chance to win a lucky bonus. Bonuses are served on a first-come, first-served basis. Come and join the activity now!How to join and win:
1. Complete KYC
2. Add liquidity to any pool
3. Fill in the form (this step is a must if you want to win rewards!)Activity 2: Make a wish & Start Mining: Earn Double the Rewards Easily!
To join this activity, first, you need to make a wish by filling in the amount that you expect to earn in the form, then start mining and earning. If you have finally gotten your expected returns, you can receive a lucky bonus worth of $20 in points ; if not, you can still have a chance to get a lucky bonus worth of $10 in points.
A user makes a wish by filling in a mining return of 100 USDT in the form. If he mines and finally gets a return of 150 USDT which is not less than 100 USDT, he can claim a lucky bonus of $20 in points because he achieved his goal; if he mines and gets a return of 50 USDT which is less than 100 USDT, he can claim a lucky bonus of $10 in points.How to join & win:
1. Complete KYC
2. Fill in a mining return in the form.
3. Mine & earnActivity 3: Invite friends to start mining and claim prize packages
To join this activity, you need to add liquidity to a pool of choice and fill out the form first, and then invite a friend who has never used liquidity mining products to do in the same way. The amount invested should be no less than $100 (no limit to currency). If you and your friend join the activity as required, both of you can receive a prize package of $1,000 USDTEST.
*To be eligible participants, you and your friend need to complete the following steps:
1. Sign up with
2. Complete KYC
3. Add liquidity to a pool of choice, the amount invested should be no less than $100 (no limit to currency)
4. Fill in the form. (this step is a must if you want to win rewards!)Notes:
1. All the data is based on the ones exported by the backend.
2. Only one entry per person will be permitted (KYC must have been completed). The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account in the competition.
3. Users can join Activity 1, Activity 2 and Activity 3 at the same time.
4. Rewards for this event will be issued in the form of USDTEST and points and will be distributed to the winners’ accounts within 7 working days after the event ends. Winners can view the rewards in "Wallet" – "Billing Details". Points are valid for 7 days. Both USDTEST and points are valid for 7 days.
5. Risk Warning: Please be sure to note that the virtual currency market is volatile and losses may occur in different situations, so you are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in your investment actions. reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.

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