GateLive Live Mining Program – Bonuses Distribution Announcement (June 24-June 30)

The exclusive bonus for GateLive streamers last week (June 24-June 30) has been distributed to the streamer’s spot wallet in USDT. Please check “Wallet—Bill”.
The distribution list is as follows (in no particular order):
GateLive Live Mining Program – Bonuses Distribution Announcement (June 24-June 30)插图

A4P-PRIYA✅, Live Room
ActiveWhale, Live Room
AhbapTrader, Live Room
AytacV123, Live Room
Beingsaksham, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
Beutech, Live Room
BiCrypto, Live Room
BitBird, Live Room
CapCrypto, Live Room
Cibletrader, Live Room
Coinroit, Live Room
Crazypeople, Live Room
CryptoABC, Live Room
CryptoCinci, Live Room
CryptoEnjoy, Live Room
CryptoLord2, Live Room
Crypto_singh, Live Room
CryptoBaddie, Live Room
Cryptobhrata, Live Room
CryptoBunny, Live Room
CryptoCall, Live Room
Cryptocurrency, Live Room
CryptoEyesss, Live Room
CRYPTO LIVE724, Live Room
CryptooSmoke, Live Room
Cryptorani, Live Room
CryptoSpecto, Live Room
CryptoWarehouse, Live Room
Cryptozent, Live Room
DarkHistory, Live Room
DashKing³, Live Room
DidiChanel, Live Room
DrCripto, Live Room
DuniaForexCrypto, Live Room
Jantue, Live Room
Kriptoss, Live Room
LegendAbhi, Live Room
Master_Anand, Live Room
MDzmitry, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
Mr_Amit, Live Room
NeilChris, Live Room
BNBillionair, Live Room
OlegD, Live Room
ProfeJohn, Live Room
QueenTrader, Live Room
rizo-, Live Room
Romel, Live Room
Sergonavt, Live Room
Shekharmehra, Live Room
SonofGrace, Live Room
SoulHunter, Live Room
SunshineN, Live Room
Szero, Live Room
TanzeelA, Live Room
TopOfAsia, Live Room
TradeUberto, Live Room
TradeHunter, Live Room
TradingServer, Live Room
دكتوربتكوين, Live Room
ShahadCrypto, Live Room
CryptoNews, Live Room
Y-VillageChief, Live Room
BrotherAbao, Live Room
BanCang, Live Room
BTCGuru, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
BitcoinNo.1, Live Room
BrotherBit, Live Room
Currency⭕MysteryMan, Live Room
CaptainBi—HengTong, Live Room
Bidashi, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
CoinCircle798, Live Room
CryptoGenius, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
CoinCircleTianlong, Live Room
CoinLeader, Live Room
VoiceOfCoin, Live Room
BlackGhostAx, Live Room
Archmage, Live Room
Short-TermFuturesMaster, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
BackThen,TheAmbitious, Live Room
DonghaiWuxinNo.1, Live Room
ThePenOfDongHuzhi, Live Room
AllGood, Live Room
Fafa16888, Live Room
Anyway,TheyAreAllRig, Live Room
Poseidon, Live Room
ContractKingA, Live Room
HongYiTechnicalAnalysis, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
MusicianCow, Live Room
HuaFinancialAnalysis, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
Cryptozoology, Live Room
CryptoUncle, Live Room
JinLunSpeaks, Live Room
Laogui, Live Room
HuFinancialAnalysis, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
PharaohPanCoin, Live Room
SoulSwap, Live Room
DragonEmergesFromThe, Live Room
Reincarnation, Live Room
AntWenGe, Live Room
RetailInvestorAlliance, Live Room
DivinePoint, Live Room
GoldSwallowingBeast, Live Room
AncientKing, Live Room
Primary market in spot, Live Room
DoNothing, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
XiaosaLovesToEatCake, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
PandaShort-TermGraduat, Live Room
YiboMarketAnalysis, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
MotivationFromCrisis, [Live Room]( "Live Room")
YuziTalkingCoin, Live Room
LuckyPrincess, Live Room
WisdomWinsTheWorld-, Live Room
China_sRichestManLing, Live Room
IAmTheBitEmperorOf, Live Room
SuperBrotherZhunshen, Live Room

1.Click to check the Live Mining Program.
2.The bonus of the previous week will be calculated every Monday, and will be distributed to the streamer’s wallet in USDT within 7 working days (The accumulated commissiom should be more than 0.1 USDT to meet the minimum disribution requirement. ). Reward distribution announcements will be released on News channel.
3.The GateLive “Live Mining Program” will be available for a long period, any updates will be released in the latest announcement.
4.On GateLive, all the rewards from the viewers are wholly distributed to live streamers. Apply to be a live streamer on GateLive now.
5.A user with Sub-Accounts and a Master Account, and multiple accounts with the same KYC information will be deemed as the same one participant.
6.Any cheating behavior is prohibited, or will result in disqualification.
7.Where any discrepancy arises between the translated versions and the original English version, the English version shall prevail.
8.Market makers, corporation and institution accounts are not eligible to participate in this event.
9.This event is not affiliated with Apple Inc.
10.Users in the United Kingdom and other Restricted Locations cannot access the Services (including the participation in this event, game or competition). See the User Agreement for further details on Restricted Locations. We do not intend to solicit or conduct marketing towards customers in such restricted locations.

* reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.

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Jul 3th, 2024