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Flexible Staking & Earn SKYA is enabled on Hodl & Earn under the flexible-term section. Its interest rate is variable and the investment term is 28 days. Investors can directly subsbribe to the product with no lock-up.

How to subscribe:
App: Click Markets>Hodl & Earn>Flexible Term>Flexible Staking
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Rules of Flexible Staking & Earn SKYA (28 days)
Flexible staking, directly subscribe to it and have no need to lock up the token
1.Start Position: 1 SKYA
2.Annualized yield: Floating Interest Rate
3.Start Time: 2024-7-1 9:00 UTC+0
4.The interest is calculated based on the 7-day average amount of token in position (excluding borrowed positions).
5.Note: If the interest distribution is completed during the investment period or the total sub_ion amount is unusual, the project may be delisted in advance.

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June 28th, 2024