点击进入 Web3 Startup: Block Chain People (BCP) Non-Initial Token Distribution Result

1 Block Chain People (BCP)Token Distribution Result

The Startup Block Chain People (BCP)distribution result is as follows:
BCP Startup Sale Amount: 152
Total value of orders (in USDT): 16,048,300 USDT
Total value of qualified orders (in USDT): 12,711,700 USDT
Tokens Per Share:1.52 BCP
Number of orders:12,593
Number of Qualified orders: 8,290
Percentage of qualified orders: 65.83 %
Percentage of succeeded purchases: 79.21 %
Number of participants: 12,593
Number of qualified participants: 8,290

Per the previous announcement, all qualified orders will obtain the token on sale equally. To guarantee transparency and fairness, all original records are stored for possible third-party auditing.

Attention: Most unqualified orders occurred due to insufficient balance in the user account. Please ensure there is sufficient balance (exceeding the purchasing value) for the order after placing the orders until we distribute the tokens. The insufficient balance will result in the cancellation of the purchase order.

2 About BCP Airdrop Claim

The airdrop tokens(1.52 BCP each) will be directly distributed to the user’s participating wallet address, and winning users can view the received airdrop rewards in the Gate Web3 Wallet or trading history.

3 Gate Web3 Startup officially launched the Gate Web3 Startup on July 3, 2023. Gate Web3 Wallet users can receive token airdrop benefits by participating in the Web3 Startup. As a part of the Gate Web3 ecosystem, Gate Web3 Startup will organize airdrop plans for blockchain projects from time to time, bringing generous token airdrop benefits to wallet users in Gate Web3.

Gate Web3 Startup is a platform that provides users with unique airdrop opportunities. By participating in Web3 Startup, users will have the opportunity to receive token airdrops for various blockchain projects, which may have potential value and growth potential. It provides users with the opportunity to participate in early projects and enjoy the dividends of project growth.

The way to participate in Gate Web3 Startup is simple and convenient. Users only need to create a Gate Web3 Wallet to participate in the airdrop plan. Users can directly participate in project airdrops through their wallets and easily enjoy token benefits without the need for additional KYC authentication.

As the leader of the cryptocurrency trading platform, is committed to providing secure and reliable services and protecting users’ assets and privacy. Gate Web3 Startup, as its new product, will continue the promise by providing users with a high-quality airdrop experience and generous benefits. The launch of Gate Web3 Startup will bring more opportunities for Gate Web3 users to participate in blockchain projects, and enjoy the growth and potential benefits of the project through token airdrop benefits. We look forward to the Gate Web3 Startup bringing more surprises and opportunities to users, promoting the prosperity and development of the Web3 ecosystem.

Users in the UK and other Restricted Locations cannot participate in this event (please see the User Agreement for further details on Restricted Locations).

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Jun 24th, 2024