Return of the King: Gain VIP Status & Win Up to $2,000!

With the approval of Bitcoin and Ethereum spot ETFs, cryptocurrencies have officially entered the mainstream market. invites you to celebrate this historic milestone with us! Sign up and complete your first trade to receive a $20 airdrop. Accumulate your trading volume to earn up to $2,000 and enjoy a 30-day VIP status experience.

Event period: 09:00, June 19, 2024 – 15:59, July 3, 2024 UTC

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⭐️How to participate?
➡️Step 1: Click the button to enter the event page, check [Join now] and submit it.
➡️Step 2: Complete the registration/transaction as required.

Event rules:

Activity 1: For Both New and Existing Users: Trade to Earn Up to $100 Airdrop!

During the event, new registered users (VIP 1 or above at other exchanges) or existing users of Gate (VIP 1 or above, and have never traded futures before) will receive $20-$100 airdrops by registering and trading. A total of $20,000 prizes are available on a first-come, first-served basis!

  1. Sign up for the event and complete identity verification;
  2. During the event, complete cumulative transaction volume ≥ 100 USDT.

Activity 2: Trade to Earn VIP Status & Share a $30,000 Prize Pool.

All registered users can participate in this event by trading to hit the required volume targets. Achieving these targets grants you a corresponding VIP status for a limited time period and a cash reward based on your trading volume. The maximum cash reward per individual is $2,000, with a total prize pool of $30,000 distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Return of the King: Gain VIP Status & Win Up to $2,000!插图

Note: Cumulative trading volume = spot trading volume + futures trading volume

1.To be eligible for rewards, users must click the [Join Now] button on the activity page to sign up for the event.
2.The VIP status (30-day) experience reward in Activity 2 is limited to the first 800 users who achieve the transaction target.
3.Eligible markets include all perpetual futures trading pairs.
4.If users participate in this event and other Gate campaigns of the same type at the same time, they can only be rewarded for one of those events.
5.Rewards for the event will be distributed as futures vouchers. Users need to complete the identity verification to claim the rewards. Rewards will be issued automatically 14 working days after the end of the event. Future vouchers can be checked in "My – Vouchers". Click to check the Guide on the Use of Futures Voucher.
6.Participants can only use one main account to participate in the event. Sub-accounts are not eligible to take part in the activity. If it is detected that multiple accounts are operating under the same device under the same IP address, all users under this address will be disqualified from the event.
7.Illegal activities such as cheating, order brushing, and order matching are strictly prohibited. Users who do not follow the rules will be banned from the event and their rewards will be cancelled.
8.Volume generated by quantitative bots and API trading will not be counted.
9.This event is unavailable for users in the UK and other restricted areas specified in the Users Agreement.
10.Please note that trading cryptos carries great risks due to the unpredictable regulatory environment and high volatility of the virtual currency market. So be aware of the risks associated with your transaction and exercise with caution. Futures Operation Manual. has the final interpretation of this event.