Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge: Study, Quiz, and Compete for a $10,000 Prize Pool!

Join us for the Gate Learn 30-day Daily Study Challenge and win a $10,000 scholarship!

Participate in daily quizzes and invite friends to earn points by completing various tasks.
During the event, share the Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge event page on Twitter to participate in splitting a $10,000 prize pool!
After the event concludes, the prize pool will be divided based on the proportion of your total accumulated points.
The prize pool will increase with the number of participants. The more people join, the higher the chance for each user to win more significant prizes

Event Duration: May 21, 2024, 00:00 UTC+8 – June 19, 2024, 00:00 UTC+8 (30 days in total)

Join Now

Event Process:
a.Sign up for the event Event Page
b.Read related articles and memorize key points
c.Earn points daily through quizzes or by inviting new users
d.Invite friends to join for additional rewards; sharing tasks and referrals of new users yield higher rewards
e.After the event, rewards will be distributed to your wallet account based on the points you’ve accumulated

Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge: Study, Quiz, and Compete for a $10,000 Prize Pool!插图

Earn Points Through Daily Quizzes (One chance per day)

Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge: Study, Quiz, and Compete for a $10,000 Prize Pool!插图1

Share the Event with Friends for More Points (Unlimited daily)

Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge: Study, Quiz, and Compete for a $10,000 Prize Pool!插图2

Number of Participants & Rewards

Gate Learn Daily Study Challenge: Study, Quiz, and Compete for a $10,000 Prize Pool!插图3

Event Rules:
1.For correct answers ≤ 2, earn +1 point; for 3 correct answers, earn +3 points (up to 3 points per day).
2.Invite a new user to register on and complete KYC. Both parties earn +50 points (must use the registration link on the event page).
3.Invite users to answer quizzes for 7 consecutive days. Both parties earn +10 points.
4.First-time subscribers to Gate Learn earn +5 points (must use the link on the event page).
5.Sharing the Gate Learn study activity page on Twitter also allows participation in the $2000 prize pool division and requires maintaining the Twitter share status.

Gate Learn Activities:
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Gate Learn Creator’s Arena

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Important Notes:
1.Articles on Gate Learn are original and copyright belongs to
2.For complete rules and FAQs, please refer to the information on the event page.
3.Users in the UK and other restricted areas cannot access this service (refer to the user agreement for detailed information on restricted areas).
4.This event is only open to users who have completed valid real-name verification (KYC1). A real-name user can only win once during the event period; prizes are not repeated, and sub-accounts are not considered independent accounts for participation.
5.Cheating is strictly prohibited during the event to protect all participants’ interests and ensure fairness. If discovered, participants will be disqualified.
6.Rewards will be issued as Gate points (valid for 7 days) and distributed to the wallet account within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check your account in time.
7.Gate Learn reserves the final interpretation rights for the event.

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