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The bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the hottest events and new developments on to help you stay in the loop.

A quick recap of the most significant events starting December 01 until December 15, 2022:

* Listed Multiple Startup Projects and Tokens on

* Launched Several Trading Competitions and Community Welfare Activities

* Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on

* Launched Multiple Mining Pools with Rewards and Bonuses available on

Over the past two weeks, the total perpetual contract trading volume reached 5,857,735,171 USDT and the crypto-to-crypto trading volume was 694,539,465 USDT.

1. Successfully Listed Numerous Startup Projects on

In the past two weeks, we’ve listed many projects on our Startup platform, including VXT, OAS, PRMX, PRIMAL, DEBT, HIBS, GOV. Among the current mainstream platforms, Startup platform hosts the largest number of listed projects.

We exceed other platforms by far with a variety of quality Startups.

View More Startup Projects:

2. Listed Multiple Tokens

Starting December 01 to December 15, made trading and withdrawal services available for multiple tokens, including AIRTNT, GOV, FNCY, HIBS, DEBT, HOOK, PRIMAL, PRMX, OAS, VXT, MAGIC.

Trade at:

3. Held Multiple Trading Competitions on

In the past two weeks, we’ve held 8 trading competitions, including: VRJAM, AIRTNT, CARE, DEBT, HIBS, PRMX, OAS, VXT. The total prize pool reaches $151,000 rewards.View in event center:

4. Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on launched several financial products, including

Lock up Hodl & Earn: OLAND, VRJAM, VP, AIRTNT, MOTG, ISK, B3X.

Flexible Staking: HIBS, CARE, DYP, ZBC, VXT.

All with their annualized yield up to 150%.

View More Financial Products:

5. Launched Multiple New Liquidity Mining Pool Versions and Bonuses

As of December 15, 2022, their annualized yield is up to 2250.50%, and total liquidity tops at 24,824 USDT.

6. Conducted Multiple Activities Offering Users Plenty Chances to Win Massive Rewards on held a total of 33 activities to benefit users over the past 2 weeks.

·Dec 01 – Dec 09, Trade DEGO/USDT Perpetual Contract to Win $30,000 Bonus

·Dec 01 – Dec 30, GateTR’ye Hoş Geldin Kampanyası ????????

·Dec 02, Double Earning Monday #13:Double the stable profit and High APR

·Dec 02 – Dec 08, Combo Indicator Tournament! Share $100,000; Join For Free!

·Dec 02 – Dec 09, WinterFest: Lend & Earn $55,000

·Dec 02 – Dec 09, More REWARDS at the end of 2022! Complete Simple Tasks & Share $200,000 at the Liquidity Mining Platform

·Dec 02 – Dec 13, Guess the Price Range: Earn Up to 15% APR in ETH

·Dec 02 – Dec 13, Trade HOOK/USDT Perpetual Contract to Win $30,000 Bonus

·Dec 02 – Dec 31, Gate Learn Creator's arena, Build the ultimate Web3 educational platform

·Dec 05, Refer To Win VIP Upgrade & USD Giveaway

·Dec 05, 2022 – Dec 11, 2023, Weekly MegaCash – Free to earn! Week 2: $8,000 for 1 and $10 for 10 lucky participants!

·Dec 05 – Dec 12, Join the 6-Minute Crypto 101 Knowledge Quiz: Learn About Dual Investment & Share $55,000

·Dec 05 – Dec 15, Startup Lucky Wheel #3: 100% Win Startup Whitelists!

·Dec 07, Become a Gate Learn Campus Ambassador Today!

·Dec 07 – Dec 21, Guess the Price Range: Earn Up to 15% APR in BTC

·Dec 07 – Dec 21, Top Influencer Program | Join to Win Triple Prizes and Super Benefits

·Dec 10 – Dec 20, EXCLUSIVE: Trading on, win exclusive rewards.

·Dec 09 – Dec 12, Gate NFT Outstanding Artist FreeMint Project Phase 34 – Artificial World (Season 1), Collect works to win cash prizes!

·Dec 09 – Dec 14, Lock USDT & Earn: 150% APR Exclusively for New Users

·Dec 09 – Dec 16, Catch Up to Max $2,000 USDTEST Each, Together With Friends!

·Dec 09 – Dec 16, WinterFest#2: Lend and Earn $55,000

·Dec 09 – Dec 17, Check out Daily Smile Products & Earn Wisely with Us: Invite Friends & Share $50,000 USDTEST!

·Dec 09 – Dec 18, Share An Exclusive $50,000 Prize Pool For P2P Users

·Dec 12, Double Earning Monday #14:Double the stable profit and High APR

·Dec 12, GateLive Promotion Project- Star Streamer Recommendation

·Dec 12 – Dec 18, Weekly MegaCash – Free to earn! Week 3: $15,000 for 1 and $5 for 20 lucky participants!

·Dec 12 – Dec 19, 2022 Gate Charity Christmas Seal is coming! Grab your special Christmas seal and donate $5 to charity!·Dec 14 – Dec 16, Gate NFT Outstanding Artist FreeMint Project Phase 36 – Crypto Cup 2022 (Season 4), Collect works to win cash prizes!

· Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

7. Blog

Over the past two weeks, we have released a number of newsletters including:

·Daily News | High Producer Prices Dragged Down US Equities, Crypto Followed, All Eyes Are Now On Consumer Prices

·Report: The Block —— Changes in Market Trends after Institutions Entering The Market

·Daily News | Bets Are In As PPI, CPI, And FOMC Incoming, Equity Indices Correlations With BTC Returned to Positive

· to Attend Taipei Blockchain Week 2022

·What is Eclipse Attack?

View more blog posts at:

8. Upgrade & Support

· Supports the Rubic (RBC) Contract Upgrade

· Supports Upcoming BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and BNB Beacon Chain (BEP2) Upgrade

· Scheduled Spot Trading API Upgrade (Starts 8 December, 09:00 UTC)

· Scheduled Spot Trading Engine Upgrade (Starts 6 December, 14:00 UTC)

· Has Completed StormX(STMX) Token Swap

· Scheduled Spot Trading Engine Upgrade (Starts 13 December, 14:00 UTC)

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