点击进入 ING、FNF and VRJAM Trade Competition Reward Distributed Announcement ING、FNF and VRJAM Trade Competition has come to a successful end! According to the criteria of this activity, we have issued rewards to users who met the conditions. Users can enter “Wallets” – “Bill” to check the reward distribution.
For details and rules of the activity, please visit[Infinity Angel (ING) Trading Competition is Live, Share $20,000 Rewards in ING!][FunFi (FNF) Trading Competition is Live on, Join and Share $10,000 Mega Rewards in FNF!][The Multiverse Platform for Users: Join VRJAM (VRJAM) Trading Competition & Share $15,000 Mega Rewards in VRJAM!] reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity. If you have any questions, please contact us through live chat.
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