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Established in 2013, has consistently ranked among the top 10 exchanges. It is a full-service digital asset exchange platform covering millions of users around the world.
The communities have always been an important place for all the users to share educational materials, crypto news, opinions, to communicate with others, and to make a top-class exchange.
Who are Community Ambassadors? community ambassadors are our community builders who love, share our community values and come up with ideas of promoting community;
What do the Community Ambassadors need to do?

Promote the community by three aspects:AMA: Introduce to other communities via AMA, and earn up to $50 per AMA conducted successfully.

Referral: Invite your friends to signup and trade on, and get up to $10 per new users who pass KYC 1.

Influencer onboarding: As an Ambassador, you can onboard group owners, influencers or anybody who can bring new friends to sign up and trade on and get $30 for each influencer onboarded.

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