WCTC S3 Twitter Crews | What do you know about WCTC S3 | Win a share of $150!

[//]:content-type-MARKDOWN-DONOT-DELETE also launches the 2022 WCTC S3 World Cup Trading Competition as the 2022 Qatar World Cup approaches. The official registration period is currently open.
Let's be a part of this competition, get in our stadium and becoming our crews!

**Period: November 21st – December 1st (UTC)**
**Rewards:** $5 for 3 best posts per day (we will select 3 best posts daily and retweet to [@Gatefutures]( "@Gatefutures"))

**Step 1** : Become our crews, Tweet your post :
>What do you know about WCTC S3 ?
The content have to relate to WCTC (World Cup Trading Competition Season 3).
However, it is necessary to have picture, video related to WCTC3 and this link

**Step 2**: Tweet on your profile
Once you have the content, you need to Tweet your post to your profile.

**Step 3** : Submit the link into Gleam, Entry will reset everyday at 0.00 UTC
In order to have a chance to win daily, you need to make a new tweet daily and submit a new link.

**Terms and Conditions**
1.The tweets cannot be deleted.
2.All submissions must be original works of the participant. Re-submissions of content from previous WCTC competitions are NOT eligible for this program;
3.The shared content must not contain profanity, slander, insults, pornography, violence, or other undesirable content. (If this happens, users will not be included in the event).
4.Within 14 working days after the winners' announcement, the Rewards will be credited to winners. reserves all rights to the final decision.
6.The date that you submit on Gleam must match the link that you post in a tweet, for instance, if you tweet on November 21st, you must submit by November 21st at 11.59 PM (UTC)
7.You can only submit one link per day, submitting another link the following day will help you reset your chances of winning.

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November 21st, 2022