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Have you not yet started mining? We are very excited to announce that a 7-day EthereumFair (ETHF) exclusive mining pool event is coming to once again. Now all of you, newcomers and mining experts, can complete time-limited tasks to share a $10,000 reward. Mega prizes are waiting for you. Join now!Duration
November 10 – November 17, 10:00 UTC (7 Days in Total)Exclusive Mining PoolEthereumFair (ETHF) /USDT Activity 1: $1,200 EthereumFair (ETHF) for New Liquidity Miners
During the event, users who have never participated in liquidity mining can add liquidity to the mining pool EthereumFair (ETHF) /USDT. The single lock-up amount should be ≥ 100USDT and you need to hold shares for at least 24 hours. The top 50 participants who have filled in the form will share ETHF rewards equivalent to $1,200.
*Participants have to fill in the form if they want to get a chance to win rewards.Activity 2: Become an LM Pro & Share $8,000
In this activity, participants need to add liquidity to EthereumFair (ETHF) /USDT mining pool at least twice. The single lock-up amount should be ≥ 300USDT and you need to hold shares for at least 24 hours. Participants whose final income is ranked in the top 50 will share a reward of $8,000 worth of ETHF as follows:*Participants have to fill in the form if they want to get a chance to win rewards.
*The maximum reward that each participant can get proportionately is < $200 in ETHF.
*Participants have to fill in the form if they want to get a chance to win rewards.How to join:
Step 1: Add liquidity to EthereumFair (ETHF) /USDT mining pool
Step 2: Fill out the activity form (*This step is required if participants want to get rewards.)Activity 3: Join TG Group & Share $25,000 and More
Participants in this activity need to complete gleam tasks. After the activity ends, 50 lucky users will be drawn to receive $10 in ETHF. If participants also invite friends to complete the tasks in the following chart and fill in the form, both inviters and invitees can win an extra bonus. Bouses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Join now!Complete gleam tasks now!Invite friends and fill in the form to get an extra bonus!
*One user is allowed to complete all the tasks and enjoy all rewards.
*Points are valid for 7 days.Follow @GateEarn and Join LM Telegram Group to get more news and win more prizes!Get a better understanding of Liquidity Mining:>>What is Liquidity Farming?>>FAQ – Liquidity Mining>>Step-by-step Tutorial on Liquidity Mining (on the web)
1. All the data is based on the ones exported by the backend.
2. Only one entry per person will be permitted (KYC must have been completed). The Sub-Accounts and Master Account will be treated as the same account in the competition.
3. Users can join Activity 1, Activity 2 and Activity 3 at the same time.
4. Rewards for this event will be issued in the form of tokens and points which will be distributed to the winners’ accounts within 7 working days after the event ends. Winners can view the rewards in "Wallet" – "Billing Details". Points are valid for 7 days.
5. Risk Warning: Please be sure to note that the virtual currency market is volatile and losses may occur in different situations, so you are strongly recommended to understand all the related information and be vigilant in your investment actions. reserves all rights to the final interpretation of the activity.
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November 10th, 2022