点击进入 HODL & Earn Walken (WLKN) #3: Flexible Staking HODL & Earn WLKN #3 will be available at's “HODL & Earn” under the flexible-term section. The interest rate is variable and the investment term is 28 days. Investors can subscribe to the product with no lock-up.

What? Flexible Staking & Earn WLKN #3

When? 9:00 UTC, Nov. 5th

Who? All users (KYC approved)

Start earning now at
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Rules of Flexible Staking & Earn WLKN #3:
1) Subscribe directly, no need to lock up the token
2) Start Position: 1 WLKN
3) Estimated annualized return is about 50%
4) Interest is calculated based on the 7-day average amount of token in position (excluding borrowed positions).
5)The interest is calculated based on the 7-day average amount of token in position (excluding borrowed positions).Walken (WLKN) Project
WALKEN is a free-to-play move2earn game that encourages players to adopt healthy habits through competing and monetizing their walking steps.Players walk, and their everyday activity is converted into in-game currency which can be used to upgrade CAThletes – NFT-based characters. Players are rewarded with more WLKNs as their CAThletes level up.
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