点击进入 HODL & Earn: Lock Kapital DAO (KAP) To Earn 150% APR(Phase 1)

The Kapital DAO (KAP) Lock-up & Earn #1 will be launched at 8:00 UTC on Nov. 5th at's “HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 150% P.A.Start HODL Now: HODL & Earn Telegram group:

Rules of KAP Lock-up & Earn #1 (Term 14 days)
1. Start Position: 120 KAP
2. Maximum Position: 17,140 KAP
3. Start Time: 2022-11-05 8:00:00 UTC
* The principal and interest will be distributed when the lock-up period endsAbout KAP
The Kapital DAO is the leading provider of web3 gaming asset management tech, with top brands like Yield Guild Games (YGG) and others already using the platform to scale. The platform features key innovations around “hierarchical delegation” that enable multiple layers of institutional control in which admins own assets and delegate to managers, who then subdelegate to players – this framework is unique to our protocol, and does not readily exist elsewhere in the space. All platform fees are either charged in the KAP token or taken in exogenous tokens and then converted into the KAP token.Focus on GateEarn Live: Learn to Earn in a Secure and Easy WayRoom ???? : GateEarn Live SpecialTime: 4:00 UTC & 10:00 UTC, Every Thursday is a Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Since 2013
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