点击进入 WCTC S3 $2,000 Giveaway!

Join us in celebrating World Cup Trading Competition S3 and win a share of 2,000 USDT reward by just one change!

#### Tasks:
1.Set the WCTC logo (you can find the file below) as your Twitter or Telegram profile picture during the competition.

2.Follow us on Twitter and join us on Telegram.
3.Fill out the form:

#### Prizes:
20 lucky winners will be selected to receive $50 or VIP upgrade, Bonus, NFT each! (The reward will be distributed within 15 business days after the competition ends.)
Period: November 4th,2022 – December 19th, 2022 UTC

#### How to Participate :
**$1000 for Twitter**
1.Set the WCTC3 as your profile picture on Twitter and Telegram during the #WCTC3.
2.Follow @GateioFutures.
3.Quote the tweet using #WCTC3 & Tag 5 friends.
4.Fill out the form above.

**$1000 for Telegram**
1.Set the WCTC logo (you can find the file below) as your Twitter profile picture during the activity.
2.Join us:
3.Fill out the form above.

#### Rules:
1.During the World Cup Trading Competition Season 3, the users must change their profile picture on Twitter and Telegram.
2.During the event, you are not permitted to change or delete your profile picture until the last day of competition (2022-12-19 23:59 UTC).
3.A real-name user can only use one account to participate. Sub-accounts will not be regarded as separate accounts to participate in the activity.
4.The objective of the released information by the users is to create awareness. The content itself does not necessarily reflect the views of
5.Participants must abide by the rules of the campaign and will be disqualified from participating in the campaign if they are found to be faking, swiping, or damaging's brand reputation. has the final right to explain this activity.

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