点击进入 Partners with MIZU DAO, Protocol for Unique NFT, AMA experiences is pleased to announce that it recently partnered with MIZU DAO to list its Passcard NFT collection on its native GateNFT marketplace. The partnership will expand the availability of MIZU's unique digital IDs (DIDs). Both companies will host sequential AMAs in partnership with PROTOCOL in which they will cover a variety of content including explaining in-depth their vision for the Japanese crypto-economy.
Why Partnered with MIZU DAO & PROTOCOL

MIZU DAO is a Web3 DAO that focuses on community development within the web3 ecosystem. Recently, the DAO partnered with PROTOCOL Inc., a social networking service for startups that was started by Keisuke Honda, to help Web3 grow, invest in global Web3 projects, and build a Web3 ecosystem. For this purpose, the two companies are starting to work toward pooling their resources to foster the development of international Web3 initiatives.
To clarify the unity of their vision, PROTOCOL has opted to host an AMA event where users and like-minded projects may ask questions concerning the function of the protocol and the foreseeable benefits of the partnership, for both parties and what it means for their users.
MIZU DAO has partnered with to list their NFT collection on GateNFT,'s dedicated NFT marketplace.'s combination of centralized and decentralized services together with its commitment to security and transparency were the main reasons that drove the partnership. has continued to maintain a high level of security without sacrificing transaction speeds, allowing users to trade with ease, which will benefit both MIZU and end users.
What is the Nature of MIZU DAO NFTs?

MIZU DAO's NFTs fall under a specific category referred to as SBTs (Soulbound Tokens), which serve as digital identities and will have multiple untapped functions in the DAO's futuristic Web3 D3D Meta ecosystem.
SBTs are DiD-type tokens that stand in for the qualities, characteristics, and deeds that make up a person. SBTs are created by "Souls," which stand in for blockchain accounts or wallets, and cannot be moved from one Soul to another. D3D META, on the other hand, is a social-futuristic platform that uses Web3 integration to make DiDs real and make online transactions easier in visual scenarios where the DiDs are used to improve the quality of interaction between users.

SBT Passcards can be used for social activities on the MIZU Chain. On D3D Meta, the Passcard allows its customers to create their own graphic DiD, which when completed will be a three-dimensional (3D) digital image that represents the user's abstract identity in a digital context. Users can set up different social identities with these DiDs while still having full access to the D3D Meta ecosystem.
Through this partnership, users will gain access to the D3D Meta ecosystem.
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