Daily Live Streaming Preview: Oct 25 Live Stream is committed to creating a brand-new live streaming ecosystem for the blockchain industry. Tune in to get an intuitive perspective on crypto and products, no matter if you are a viewer, commenter or streamer.

We are adding more English content to meet our users' needs. From now on, you can find different tutorials in sections such as Gate Learn, Gate Earn, or in Q&A customer service; you can also catch up with the latest trends in DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, and any other topics that may interest you in the crypto space.

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Today's live stream preview:

(For reference only, the specific time and content is based on the actual live stream)

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In order to help more users learn and improve their knowledge of crypto space, Live Stream now plans to solicit questions related to crypto space and Live Stream feedback from all users in Posts. Whether you are a beginner who wants guidance or an expert who wants to conduct in-depth research on crypto fields, you can send relevant questions to Posts with the hashtag #GateLive#.

The questions collected last week will be answered on Live Stream from this week. Which questions have been selected? Stay tuned!

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