点击进入 Partners with Cabital for a Convenient Fiat Gateway Solution is delighted to announce the partnership with Cabital, a leading digital asset payment infrastructure provider for crypto on- and off-ramp solutions. Users are able to directly deposit funds from their bank accounts into their Cabital wallet to purchase crypto, and move the assets into their account easily.
This partnership allows users to buy crypto using localized payment methods and bank transfers. Supported fiat currencies include EUR, GBP, BRL, and CHF.
The more exciting news is, you can have our exclusive offer for Cabital users on – Enjoy ZERO fees when you buy crypto via Cabital. What are you waiting for? Using Cabital and getting more crypto now!0 Fee for Cabital on Event Period: 10.18.2022 – 11.30.2022 UTCHow to participate:
1. Select Cabital to buy crypto, and deposit fiat into your Cabital account –> 0 deposit fees
2. Convert the fiat to crypto via Cabital –> 0 platform fees
3. Transfer the crypto assets from Cabital to once both accounts are connected –> 0 transfer fees (waived for a limited time only!), and NO gas feesBuy Now!
1. All deposits on the platform will undergo rigorous inspection during the activity.
2. Any malicious acts conducted during the activity period, including malicious transaction manipulations, illegal bulk registration of accounts, participation through multiple accounts etc. will be dealt with accordingly. The platform will cancel the qualification of the participants.
3. has all rights reserved.
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October 18th, 2022