点击进入 Bearish SharkFin Hit The Price Range: The Final Annualized Yield is 13.81%!

Bearish SharkFin has been a popular product of, and the latest one hit the range! Participants can earn up to 13.81%! launched "Bearish Sharkfin_ETH_20220916" on September 15th on the structured products page. During the observation period, the BTC price always stayed within the per-specified price range [$1200 – $1500] and hit the high-yield range. Users who have successfully participated in these two products can get a high annualized income of SharkFin% at settlement!

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How to calculate the hit-range yield:

=1.00%+(1500-Settlement price at the expiration)/(1500-1200)*(25.00%-1.00%)


* Structured Products Observation Mechanism:

It is a mechanism to observe whether the observation prices have knocked out the price range during the specified period or not. However, the mechanism is inapplicable to the price fluctuations during the non-observation period. That’s to say, even if the prices have knocked out the price range during the non-observation period, we regard it as the situation of failing to knock out the price range. The price observation mechanism offers users a greater chance to obtain high returns. (The knock-out range means the price goes beyond the upper price or falls below the lower price.)

A high yield can be obtained since the prices knocked out the price range while they were not in the observation period.

Join HODL & Earn Telegram Group. Users can go to the official website to experience a variety of new high-yield financial products. We will release new arrivals every day.

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