点击进入 Bi-Weekly Report (September 01-15, 2022)

The bi-weekly report brings you all the updates on the hottest events and new developments on to help you stay in the loop.
A quick recap of the most significant events starting September 01 until September 15, 2022:

* Listed Multiple Startup Projects and Tokens on

* Launched Several Trading Competitions and Community Welfare Activities

* Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on

* Launched Multiple Mining Pools with Rewards and Bonuses available on

Over the past two weeks, the total perpetual contract trading volume reached 34,129,918,877 USDT and the crypto-to-crypto trading volume was 13,020,399,054 USDT.

1. Successfully Listed Numerous Startup Projects on

In the past two weeks, we’ve listed many projects on our Startup platform, including DLC, ITEM, SHX, B3X, SKEB, VOLT, XELS, GRND, FORT, MCRT, SPEX, XET, REDTOKEN, VINU, RDF. Among the current mainstream platforms, Startup platform hosts the largest number of listed projects.

We exceed other platforms by far with a variety of quality Startups.

View More Startup Projects:

2. Listed Multiple Tokens

Starting September 01 to September 15, made trading and withdrawal services available for multiple tokens, including SHX, MOON, B3X, SWEAT, SKEB, DUST, VOLT, ACM, GALO, IBFK, INTER, SCCP, SPFC, XELS, GRND, MCRT, SPEX, REDTOKEN, VINU, XMON, RDF, DKS, LBLOCK, FORT.

Trade at:

3. Held Multiple Trading Competitions on

In the past two weeks, we’ve held 8 trading competitions, including: LBLOCK, DKS, SQUIDGROW, RDF, MCRT, GRND, VOLT, SKEB. The total prize pool reaches $166,500 rewards.View in annoucement:

4. Launched Multiple “Hodl & Earn” Financial Products on launched several financial products, including


Flexible Staking & Earn: VVS, ELT, TOMS, CHO, SQUIDGROW, CUP, NXD, MBX, MNZ

All with their annualized yield up to 150%.

View More Financial Products:

5. Launched Multiple New Liquidity Mining Pool Versions and Bonuses

A total of 13 new versions of liquidity mining pools (Automated Market Maker AMM) were released on, including GOZ, LBLOCK, MATTER, NXD, XET. As of September 15, 2022, their annualized yield is up to 4692.02%, and total liquidity tops at 45,512.9 USDT.

6. Conducted Multiple Activities Offering Users Plenty Chances to Win Massive Rewards on held a total of 36 activities to benefit users over the past 2 weeks.

·September 01 – September 15, Copy Trading: Rising Star Traders' Exposure Competition! #3

·September 01 – September 15, Celebrates the ETH 2.0 upgrade! $20,000 Bonus Giveaway Await You!

·September 02 – September 04, Posts Friday Games: Celebrate the Weekend Away from the Works

·September 02 – September 04, CryptoWeekend Bonanza: 1 ETH, Startup Whitelist & Super Prizes Up for Grabs!

·September 02 – September 16, Copy Trading: Rising Star Traders Exposure Competition! #3

·September 05 – September 07, Posts “Goodbye Blue Monday” Event, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

·September 02 – September 09, EXCLUSIVE $10,000 PRIZE POOL FOR P2P USERS

·September 05 – September 15, Faster And Easier To Upgrade: Copy Trading Traders Quick- upgrade Competition #3

·September 05 – September 19, Quant Strategy Trading Competition#2: Enjoy $1000 & Exclusive Exposure Resources Of Platform

·September 05 – September 12, Share Gate Learn Articles and Earn $500 USDTest

·September 06, Join Gate Influencers: Get a Welcome Bonus up to $500 & a Fixed Monthly Salary

·September 06 – September 13, Join Our Criss-Cross Puzzle To Win $20 Worth Of Tokens!

·September 07 – October 31, X Coinify Crypto Promotion – Zero Bank Fees* Campaign

·September 07, Double Earning Monday: Enjoy Your Double Profit and Juicy APR

·September 07 – September 20, Copy Trading: Follow Trading Star, Share Cashback!

·September 08 – September 15, x WLKN Limited-time Trading Fair: Grab $40,000 WLKN from the Claw Machine!

·September 08 – October 08, Gate Influencers Benefits – Invite friends & Win a Tesla & an iPhone 14. Amazing Gifts

·September 08 – September 11, LUNC Trading Carnival: $10,000 Giveaway & LUNC Buyback & Burn

·September 09 – September 11, Posts Friday Games: Celebrate the Weekend Away from the Works

·September 09 – September 16, September Reunion, Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering with Rewards

·September 09 – September 20, Mid-Autumn Surprise: Earn Up to 30% & Become Whale Holders!

·September 09 – October 09, Crypto Carnival! Get a free NFT avatar and share a $10,000 prize pool!

·September 09 – September 16, EXCLUSIVE $10,000 PRIZE POOL FOR P2P USERS

·September 09 – September 16, Join The #CryptonizeTheFiat Contest & Win Prizes Worth $20!

·September 09 – September 11, CryptoWeekend Bonanza: Win 1ETH & Share Mega Rewards!

·September 09 – September 16, Gate Learn Prize Quiz, Answer and Earn $1,000

·September 10, GMMC-Spot Maker Program HasUpgraded, Spot Trading Can Enjoy Negative Fee And A Monthly Prize Pool Of $2,000,000.

·September 10, Mid-Autumn Special: VIP sharing campaign upgrade. Whether it is your exchange or my exchange, let's celebrate the mid-autumn festival together. 60 days VIP+1 trial period and cash rewards!

·September 10, Mid-Autumn Special: VIP/ Market Maker Referral Program Upgrade, Invite Friends to Upgrade Your VIP/MM Level (up to VIP16)

·September 11, Introduces 0 Fee Trading for All USD Spot Trading Pairs

·September 12 – September 14, Posts “Goodbye Blue Monday” Event, Waiting for You to Get Rewards

·September 12 – September 15, Guess ETH Price & Share $100,000 Rewards in ETH

·September 13 – September 19, Lets Criss-Cross Our Way To $20 Worth Of Tokens!

·September 15 – September 22, Gate Learn X Gate Live: Celebrating their launch, 200 USD will be distributed

·September 15 – September 22, Progress with and Learn to Earn USDT!

·September 15 – September 22, Share Experience & Win Prizes! You're Invited to Claim $10,000 Exclusive Rewards in LM Pool on Now!

· Announcement on Receiving of $15 Points Bonus for Blog Invitation with One-Click

7. Blog

Over the past two weeks, we have released a number of newsletters including:

·Bet On 1 USD‘s Future with Burning — What Is the LUNC Tax Burning Proposal

·the Way of Pudgy Penguins_s Rebirth

·Becoming a better trader using confluence trading

·Robots Account for 40% of Average Users of the Web 3 Platform

·Daily Flash | LUNA Tanked 38% After Mooning 247%, Official EthereumPoW Fork Date Announced, DAO Maker Hacker Laundered $500K With Tornado Cash

View more blog posts at:

8. Upgrade & Support

· Announcement Regarding Upcoming EOS(EOS)Upgrade

· Supports Upcoming Dash(DASH)Upgrade

· Will Support the C2X (CTX) to XPLA Token Migration

· Supports DigitalBits (XDB) Mainnet

· Partners with GEO Pay to Support Crypto Purchases in Ukrainian Hryvnia

· Announcement Regarding the Terra Classic’s 1.2% Tax Proposal

· Scheduled Spot Trading Engine Upgrade (Starts Sep 5, 14:00 UTC)

· Supports Upcoming Beam (BEAM) Upgrade

· Will Support Upcoming Theta(THETA) Upgrade