点击进入 HODL & Earn: Lock USDD To Earn 100% APR(Phase 2)

The USDD Lock-up & Earn #2 will be launched at 8:00 UTC on September 7th at's “HODL& Earn”, with an estimated reward of 100% P.A.Start HODL Now: HODL & Earn Telegram group:

Rules of USDD Lock-up & Earn #2 (Term 7 days)
1. Start Position: 20 USDD
2. Maximum Position: 12,877 USDD
3. Start Time: 2022-09-07 8:00:00 UTC
* The principal and interest will be distributed when the lock-up period endsAbout USDD
The USDD protocol will be pegged to the USD – the most widely applied fiat currency in the world – to establish a stable, decentralized, and tamper-proof USDD-USD system.It will have a built-in incentive mechanism and a responsive monetary policy, which will allow USDD to self-stabilize against any price fluctuations, and help consolidate the value of USDD as a true settlement currency. Also, a decentralized currency protocol with a stable price will expand use cases for cryptocurrency, making it truly accessible with far-reaching implications for the blockchain space and the real economy.Important notice:
Locking your asset for a certain term is required. Your asset and interest will not be available until the end of the lockup term. If there is any price fluctuation on the market, you are unable to unlock and trade immediately. And the interest received may not be sufficient to cover the loss caused by the price change. Please fully understand the risks.
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