Guess ETH Price & Win up to $2,000 ETH

As the Ethereum Goerli testnet merged successfully, the ETH mainnet shifting from the current PoW to Beacon PoS chain is supposed to take place very soon in September.
At the historical moment, is holding a “Guessing ETH Price Campaign” and each participant has chances to win up to $2,000 in ETH. Activity Period: 2022-09-02 06:00 – 2022-09-05 06:00 UTCThe rules are very easy:
Participants guess and submit ETH-USDT price in each guessing round (2 hours a round, 12 rounds per day). Then, complete spot trading to activate the price. If the guessing price is exactly the same with the closing price (round to two decimal places). The participants win.
Besides, participants are able to choose a Reward Multiplier from 1x to 100x. If the guessing is correct, the reward will be multiplied accordingly. Also, to activate the price, the trading volume shall also be multiplied.Join Now
For the activity details, please refer to the following FAQs:1. When can I join the campaign?
The Campaign will be held for 3 days from 06:00 Sep 2nd to 06:00 Sep 5th UTC. And there will be 12 price-guessing rounds each day from 00:01 to 24:00; every 2 hours is a round. In each round, every participant can guess up to 50 prices. 2. How to join the “ETH Price Guessing Campaign”?
Steps are easy. First of all, please go to the Activity Page to join. Step 1: Select the guessing round, enter the guessing price, and choose the Reward Multiplier, and click “Submit”. Step 2: Activate the price with a corresponding amount of spot trading volume in the period of the guessing round. Step 3: Stand the chance to win $2,000 in ETH.
* If the activated guessing price is the same as the closing price of ETH in the round (round to two decimal places), you will receive the reward corresponding to the multiplier you’ve chosen.3. What is the Reward Multiplier?
In simple terms, the reward you’ll receive is based on the reward multiplier you choose. The formula is: Reward = base reward * reward multiplier. The multiplier varies from 1x to 100x.
As such, the higher the multiplier you choose, the more reward you will receive if you guess the price correctly. 4. How can I activate my guessing price?
To activate a guessing price, participants shall complete a corresponding amount of trading volume of any spot trading pairs on The formula is: Required Trading Volume = Base Volume * Reward Multiplier.5. What are the base reward and the base trading volume to activate a price?
The base trading volume (buys + sells) to activate a guessing price is $100 of any spot trading pairs. And the base reward is $20 in ETH and the Reward Multiplier is 1x accordingly.6. What price will be taken as the closing price of ETH in each round?
The ETH-USDT one-minute closing price on at the time point (UTC+8) of 02:00, 04:00, 6:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00, 22:00 and 00:00 will be taken as the closing price of each round.7. What is the sequence to activate the prices if a participant submits several prices?
If a participant submits several prices in a round, the activation sequence will be based on the time order that he/she submits the guessing price. 8. Can you have an example?
Suppose Bob guesses ETH-USDT price will be $2025.35 by the end of 04:00 (UTC+8). To participate, first he shall select the 02:00 – 04:00 round, enter the price, choose a Reward Multiplier (suppose he chooses 100x) and then submit the price. The submitted price will enter “My Price List”.
The price has to be activated to be valid for the reward. From the conditions above, we can see Bob shall have a spot trading volume of ($100*100x) = $10,000 in this round to activate the price he guessed. And if the guess is correct, Bob can receive a reward of ($20*100x) = $2,000 in ETH.9. What are the notices participants shall be aware of?

Participants are unable to submit the prices 30 minutes before the end of a guessing round.

To activate the prices, participants shall complete the corresponding amount of trading volume on any spot trading markets on within the time period of the round.

Participants shall complete the trading volume at least 10 minutes before the end of the round, or the price activation may fail, because the system has a 10 minute feedback time.

The activated price shall be the same with the closing price of the round to win the reward.

The reward will be distributed within 7 business days after the Campaign ends. reserves the final interpretation right.

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